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FORTÉ Colorful Ball Markers

Hey Aussies,

Many golfers have our golf balls already, but you may not have our ball makers! We want you to have it! (It's OK even if you're currently using Callaway, Srixon or any other brand of golf balls... it really is ok.... lol)  

We designed 5 colors of ball markers. just let us know which 2 colors you like, and we'll send it to you for FREE.

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FORTÉ Golf Balls


As low as $18.99 / Dozen


As low as $24.99 / Dozen


As low as $40.99 / Dozen


As low as $66.99 / Dozen

Customer Reviews

I liked the soft feel of the Tour Performance S off the club face.  I can get it to bite on the green as well as any other premium urethane 3 piece ball.  It seems to be durable as well - after 18 holes it still looks pretty good.  I like to get 36 holes out of a ball and I should be able to do it with this ball.  I usually game a Srixon Z-Star or a Wilson FG Tour.  The Tour Performance S feels similar to the FG Tour - which is good, I prefer a softer feeling ball.


I played with this ball on Wednesday and scored 40 points, the best I've scored for several weeks, the ball is very responsive in all facets of the game, I'll be using it again on Saturday. It's the most responsive I've ever used, thanks for the opportunity to trial it.

Graham, Gold Coast QLD

Really enjoyed hitting the Tour Performance S ball, was pleasantly surprised. Exceptional spin and control around greens, but no loss of distance noticed. Recommendations would be to change the logo on the ball, I found it a little too large and distracting; and include a sight line on the ball.

Kenny, Branyan QLD

The best feedback I can give is that it is the best ball I have ever used.

Craig, Bardon Brisbane
Who is FORTÉ Golf?

Before creating FORTÈ, we were a group of golfers with a tremendous amount of love for the sport who have been around the golf industry for 25 years now. Since then, our passion for golf rivals those of the pro golfers. As our skills improved, we naturally learned which clubs to use—and which to keep in our bags. However, choosing the right ball was still a huge mystery.

Honestly, most of the golf balls available to the public are actually made for professional players. Many amateur golfers are used to picking the big brands, because the pros are doing the same thing. No matter the level of skill, one thing stays the same: most players pick their balls because of “a feeling.” As golf lovers, we decided to crack open the enigmatic “feelings,” and design golf balls made especially for the day-to-day player. 

Every model we designed was sent for testing, and we adjusted the ratios over and over again to ensure perfection. However, we care about the people using the balls, too. We started the research by examining ourselves, talking to coaches, and discussing ball mechanics with golfers who’ve been playing for more than a decade. 

With their permission, we tracked every single one of their games. We recorded every hole, swing, speed reading, posture, environment, and ball used. In 2 years, we have collected hundreds of player data points and thousands of games. When all was said and done, we invited sport scientists to help us analyze the data. We calculated the features golfers care most about, like distance, flexibility, and anything that plays into excelsiors. 

By focussing on those features, we’ve created an entirely new formula for the golf ball. The softest ball we design helps those non-pros conquer difficulties—no matter the situation. That’s the entire reason we’ve created FORTÈ. We want to design and create incredible balls perfect for you and your next game. We not only want you to have great experiences, but we want to reawaken your passion for golf. 

We all have unique identities, and just like us, each type of ball has its own personality. We can’t wait to watch you play to your strengths and push beyond your limit. With FORTÈ, you don’t just know who you are—you know who you want to be.

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